Custom Curtain

Base Price

Upon reaching the product page for our custom curtains on Lassola, the fundamental cost is prominently displayed below the product titles. This serves as the starting point for your unique drapery selection.

Customization Add-ons

Elevate your drapery experience by exploring various customization options, each accompanied by its own distinctive add-on pricing. Depending on your preferred enhancements, the overall cost will dynamically adjust to reflect the selected add-ons.

Total Price

At Lassola, the total price for your customized curtains will be prominently displayed on the product page. Should you decide to increase the quantity before adding the item to your cart, the updated total will be reflected on the cart page after clicking the "Add to Cart" button.


Upon updating the quantity either on the cart page or within the cart drawer, the page will reload to ensure accurate pricing. On this page, you'll find a detailed breakdown, including the base price of the curtains and any customization add-ons. It's also here that you can conveniently apply any discount codes you may have.

Calculate the Price

Moving to the checkout page on Lassola, you'll encounter a comprehensive breakdown of the pricing for each product. The first two items will showcase the customization add-ons along with their total value, while the subsequent two items will display the base curtain prices multiplied by the preferred quantity.

If you have inquiries about pricing or any other concerns, feel free to contact us for customer service at