Louise Modern Wavy linear Pendant Light Double, Black/Gold

Sale price£199.99 GBP

Lampshade Color: Black
Emitting Color: Cold Light
  • Delve into the captivating harmony of metallic boldness and silica gels softness with Louise Pendant Light. Carefully crafted into a beautiful modern product, it is not only a lighting fixture, but also a glimpse into the essence of durability and aesthetic. Visualize the seamless mixing of these high-end materials, each element carefully picked and built for a longer shelf life alongside a beautiful artwork. From its sturdy metal frame to the comfortable service of silica gel, all elements ooze with class and strength.
  • The Louise Pendant Light will teleport you into a universe of forever classic beauty. Whether you go for the simple elegance of the black or the rich opulence of the gold, this wonderful fixture looks great with any design. Visualize how the connection of colour increases, each adding a distinctive appeal and personality to your rooms. Tailor your lighting persona based on your tastes, for example choosing a design that reminds you of freshness or luxury.
  • Travel through a spirit of contemporary artistry with a zigzag linear shape of the Louise Pendant Light. Visualize that cutting-edge angle and shadow that brings lighting design to a brand new level. Conceived and executed with care and artistry, its sophisticated form and striking patterns combine any dwelling to a contemporary gallery with a sense of refinement. Take in some impressive ambience it produces, and each of its bends and turns entices the senses.
  • Combine any space into a place of class and upscale beauty using the adaptable Louise Pendant Light. It's simple to read layout and height adjustability lets you set up in a flash and you can tune your lighting to match the conditions of your space. Ponder how different your kitchen centre can look or how charming your living area is now. Whether you're in a mood for an intimate party or an energetic dinner party, this versatile elegance suits perfectly together with any occasion, being an important part of your home decor collections.
  • Embark on a journey of diverse refinement with the Louise Pendant Light. The contemporary charm of its premium materials, dazzling colours, and transcendent shapes comes together to the purpose of lighting a solution as captivating as it as functional. Incorporate colours and patterns of stripes into your home decor which makes the room feel more welcoming. The Louise Pendant Light is a modern masterpiece that adapts to suit your tastes and is bound to keep you fascinated and inspired.

Light Source: LED

Color Temperature: Warm White / Cool White / 3 Colors Changeable

1. Warm White / Cool White: No remote.

2. 2 colours are available: Cool white & Warm white, the colour can be adjusted.

Life Span: 50000 hrs

Voltage: AC 85-240V

Material: Aluminum + Lron


Lamp body: 515 x 115 + 515 x 115 mm

Base: 260 x 50 x 35 mm

Color: Black / Golden

Application: Living room,Bedroom,Dining room,,Study room,Bar


  1. Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 3mm error,thank you for your understanding.
  2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual colour of the item.
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Louise Modern Wavy linear Pendant Light Double, Black/Gold

Sale price£199.99 GBP
Lampshade Color: Black
Emitting Color: Cold Light

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The light is exactly what I was looking for. It's a versatile fixture that complements my space beautifully.


Your store's double wavy linear t light has truly impressed me. It's a stunning addition that brings both style and function.


Hey, the package is well received and i loved that its really what i had in mind for my space.


I'm absolutely thrilled withthist light I purchased from your store. It's a stylish and captivating addition to my space.


Choosing your store for this light was a great decision. It's a quality piece that elevates my room.