Nest Pendant Light Modern, Metal, Black/Green/White, Living Room

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Body Color: black
  • The Light Our Nest Modern Metal Pendant Light was expertly made. It shines as much as the art masterpiece that it is.Imagine the smooth, cool touch of high-quality metal as you reach up to adjust the pendant. The quality of this superior material goes far beyond mere appearance; it is tailor-made to last long enough.The sturdy construction ensures the pendant will grace your home for years to come, while the rust-resistant finish guarantees it will continue to radiate a gleam of modern sophistication.
  • Make your house not only a home but a shield of peace and quiet.The Light Our Nest Modern Metal Pendant Light boasts a stunning array of color options, each designed to cultivate a unique atmosphere. Let the sweet sage green distant you from the chaos and look of the surrounding nature, so that your home can turn into a peaceful nest.Embrace the timeless elegance of classic black, a color that exudes sophistication and pairs effortlessly with any décor. If you want positivity and brightness, the perfect choice is the pure white pendant - Mimpi-Mimpi color that automatically puts you in a good mood and improves the feeling in the room right away.With a spectrum of color choices, this pendant light allows you to personalize your space, reflecting your taste and creating a haven that speaks to your soul.
  • Get yourself lost in a fascinating world of the 21st century intrigue with its exquisitely round shape that resembles a nest.This design isn't merely whimsical - it serves a purpose. The elaborate metalwork that intertwines here does not just give this room a prominent visual emphasis but also give light all over the room in a very pleasing way.Imagine the room bathed in a warm, inviting glow, emanating from the center of this captivating pendant. Such an anticube-shaped design creates an atmosphere of coziness and relaxation where you can be cocooned in the embrace of its light.
  • The Light Our Nest Modern Metal Pendant Light transcends the boundaries of a simple light fixture. This compactness makes it perfect for any room in the house.Imagine it casting a soft, romantic glow in your bedroom, creating a sanctuary for restful sleep. Maybe you imagine it being the focus of your dining area, an element that sparks debate and creates festival nights.The pendant light's adaptability extends beyond the home - use it to add a touch of modern elegance to your office, creating an inspiring atmosphere that fuels productivity.


Lampshade Color: White / Black / Green

Material: Metal

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Are Bulbs Included: Yes

Light Color: Warm White

Power Source: AC

Number of light sources: 1

Voltage: 90-260V

Lighting Area: 10-15 Square Meters

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Nest Pendant Light Modern, Metal, Black/Green/White, Living Room

Sale price£179.99 GBP
Body Color: black