Morandi Multi-Shaped Wood And Metal Pendant Light, 6 Colors

Sale price£89.99 GBP

Body Color: Black
Diameter: 108mm
  • Introducing a lamp that seamlessly blends aluminum and wood, bringing together the best of both worlds. Crafted for durability and style, this pendant light showcases a lightweight aluminum body combined with the warm appeal of wood accents.
  • Available in a spectrum of colours, our pendant light allows you to curate your space to perfection. Choose from classic black and white for a timeless look, or opt for vibrant hues like green, yellow, gray, or pink to infuse your room with a burst of personality. Mixing and matching different colours creates an eye-catching and dynamic atmosphere that complements your unique style.
  • Unveil three distinct styles that cater to your decorative preferences, each offering a delightful visual impact. The pendant light features a series of cone-shaped lampshades, each meticulously crafted from a combination of high-quality wood and sleek metal. The conical design pays homage to the purity of geometric forms, while the choice of materials adds warmth and depth to the overall composition. Whether you're drawn to a single- colour option or wish to combine shades for a more eclectic vibe, our pendant light provides an effortless way to enhance your space's aesthetics.
  • Characterized by its versatile design, this pendant light finds a perfect place in various indoor settings. Create a cozy and inviting ambiance in coffee shops, infuse bedrooms with soft illumination, elevate dining areas with an air of sophistication, or brighten up kitchens with a touch of charm. The pendant light's adaptability and functionality make it a versatile choice, transforming any room it graces into a space that radiates warmth and style.
  • Embrace the fusion of aluminum and wood, colours that delight, and design that captivates with this pendant light. Elevate your interior spaces and curate a harmonious environment that reflects your individuality and taste.


Product Name: Pendant Lights Modern Wood Pendant Lamp Nordic light For Cafe Restaurant Bedroom Hanglamp Kitchen Colorful Suspension Luminaire

Style: Northern Europe

Lampshade Color: Black, / White / Yellow / Green / Grey / Pink

Lampshade material: Aluminum & Wood

Adjustable height: 1.2m wire

Lamp Holder: 1pcs * E27

Type of light source: Led lamp, Incandescent light

Voltage: 90V / 110V / 120V / 130V / 220V - 240V / 260V

Shape size: Diameter108mm,Diameter220mm,Diameter250mm


One warm white bulb is included.

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Morandi Multi-Shaped Wood And Metal Pendant Light, 6 Colors

Sale price£89.99 GBP
Body Color: Black
Diameter: 108mm

Customer Reviews

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I had a very old light in my room and i wanted to change so i bought this lamp love the how smooth the light comes out.


My lamp has made my dinning area very cute, i'm really happy about it.


The wood on my pendant light gives my house an elegant look.


The customer service was amazing, nice.


As some one who likes light colors i loved my grey pendant lamp goes well with my walls.