Salgado Table Lamp Mushroom Modern, Metal, Black/White/Gold, Dining room

Sale price£279.99 GBP

Lampshade Color: Black
size: Small
  • The Salgado table lamp has a quality that stands the test of time. Made of metal with anti-rust properties that ensure longevity, making it an investment in both style and function. With a non-fading finish, this lamp maintains its perfect appearance even after years of use. The meticulous choice of materials not only ensures reliability but also adds sophistication to every space.
  • With the Salgado Table Lamp, which is offered in three extravagant colours: black, white, and gold. You can freely indulge your personal style, whether you're going for a strong and dramatic statement, a simple and minimalistic aesthetic, or a hint of opulence. It is easy to match with your current decor, adding a vibrant, personalized charm to your living area. This lamp enables you to paint life in the colours of your choice. Life is a palette of possibilities.
  • Mushroom design of Salgado table lamp. This unusual shape brings a modern twist to your decor, while still maintaining hints of simplicity. Soft curves and lines create a harmonious balance that is pleasing to the eye. Its distinctive shape sets it apart from regular lamps, making it a conversation piece and focal point in any room.
  • The Salgado table lamp finds its perfect position in a variety of environments. Place it in the bedroom for a cozy and inviting setting, in your living room for added class. It's also a charming bedside companion, providing a warm, comforting glow for late-night reading. With its versatile charm, this lamp will enhance any space with its unique style


Is Bulbs Included: Yes

Base Type: E14

Plug Type: EU plug

Voltage: 110V / 220V

Switch Type: Knob switch

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Power Source: AC

Wattage: 6-10W

Material: Metal


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Salgado Table Lamp Mushroom Modern, Metal, Black/White/Gold, Dining room

Sale price£279.99 GBP
Lampshade Color: Black
size: Small

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

It's so beautiful. It fits my house just right. The golden color is perfect!


The mushroom table lamp has been received. The logistics is fast, the description is consistent, and I am quite satisfied.


Very cute mushroom table lamp. Lighting also decorates the room.


I can't wait to open the installation after receiving the goods. Looks great and feels heavy. The express package is a big box. I forgot I bought a desk lamp. I received a big box. I don’t know what it is until I open it. Recommended


The material workmanship is very good and the light brightness is also very good