Brady Retro Wall Lamp with Swing Arm, Metal, Black & Gold

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  • With metal construction and artful precision, the Brady Retro Wall Lamp offers two key features: superb longevity and a classic look. With its solid hardwood construction, it will serve you well for years to come, and it will give you a degree of elegance while being timeless. The lamps black and gold finish, tapered neck as well as black hood contribute not only to its durability but also beautify its appearance. This lamp is made of the best materials and is thus an object more than just a light. And you know that it won't just change the appearance of any room; it will also add an extra spark to the atmosphere you have there.
  • Black and gold Brady Retro Wall Lamp with a hint of elegance and old-school charm is the type of lamp that would add an aura of grandeur that would brighten up your wall. I am going for the black that is so deep that it stands out from the others. These gold accents bring that extra brilliance to the new additions. This duo is ideal for many different decor stamps such as vintage, and modern fusion, creating just the right amount of glitz and coziness that your home needs.
  • The main feature of Brady Retro Wall Lamp are its cone-shaped shade which is rightfully reminiscent of the most enduring designs of the previous time. Through this thoughtful construction, a sculpture that exists as both a foci of aestetics aesthetic and a functional feature is achieved. The cone-shaped shade is more than a fashion element, it is completely articulated and focuses on white warm light exactly where you need it, hence it suits tasks that require more light and precision. It’s unique look that brings back memories immediately of the 50’s sets a vintage mood in your space.
  • The Brady Retro Wall Lamp will be at home in a string of different amenities. Be it your office, library or bedroom, this lamp will give your room a cozy feel, add to the beauty of your living room or help to set the tone for a well-organized den or study. Its handy swing arm enables you to adjust the light fixing point easily, therefore, it provides you the chance to manipulate the light and direct it exactly at the area where it is required the most. This means that it is ideally perfect to use in areas such as workspaces, next to your bed or any stylish space if only style and functionality are important.
Product Name Industrial Wall Lamp
Product Material Metal
Color Black
Voltage 110V - 240V
Lighting Area 5 - 10 m²
Power 3 - 60W
Item Weight 0.582 kg
Package Weight 0.782 kg
Lamp Holder: E26 (Incandescent / Energy-saving / LED)
Package Size 22 x 22 x 18 cm / 8.7 x 8.7 x 7.1 in
Package includes
1 x Lamp Body, 1 x Accessories Bag
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Brady Retro Wall Lamp with Swing Arm, Metal, Black & Gold

Sale price£79.99 GBP
Quantity: 1 PC
Plug: No Plug

Customer Reviews

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The lamp’s retro aesthetics make it a unique and eye-catching piece.


Wow, it is made easier for me , to read my bible every night without waking up my wife , thanks to you.


The lamp’s focused lighting really lightens up the room and the style is amazing .


hello I’m captivated by the vintage design of this wall lamp with a swing arm.


The retro design brings a sense of classic charm and character to the room.