Muto Natural Hat Rattan Bamboo Pendant Light, wood

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Body Color: model A35CM
  • Fashioned from high quality hollow bamboo canes, the Muto pendant light is the ideal example of simple and elegant handiwork skills. Every cane is manually picked and meticulously woven using old fashion techniques that ensure the longevity and originality of the finished product. The natural fiber and grain of a bamboo chair are preserved without modification, bringing the organic feature and ambiance into any space. Subjected over the dining area or giving a soft and safe feeling when placed by a cozy corner, this pendant light symbolizes nature inside the home.
  • Enjoy the moving green tones of nature through the Muto pendant light. There is no need for extra decoration, as the natural color of bamboo is part of its beauty. Your space integrates the bamboo into its natural organic composition. The light source of the lamp does not get altered as it is made up of natural bamboo instead of artificially dyed alternatives, so the real and untouched colors are retained to create a beautiful, genuine atmosphere. Allow this special light created by nature setting its gentle glow to fill your place and this way turning any room into a peaceful and sacred place.
  • If you are a person who seeks something special and defies conventions, let yourself be entranced by the unique shape of the Muto pendant light. Literally, a beach umbrella transformed, its stylish woven structure imprints both effortless elegance and charm. There is a playful rattan straw hat which can help you think outside the box and look for more and more ideas for interior decor. Use layer by layer of different shades to create your peculiar look, giving a gentle touch of fun and play to your interior. Up your home fashion design prowess with the help of this statement item that not only looks good but is also fashionable and even functional.
  • In any room, be it boudoir or dining room, the lovely Muto pendant is just the right accent. Its light & airy design is one of the major reasons for its versatility to adapt to multiple styles of interiors. Fix it as a bedside lamp, which gives out dim and therapeutic light that gently induces sleeping. Lastly, use it right underneath the dining table to create a cozy ambiance setting for special meals shared with family and friends.


    • Type: Rattan Lamp
    • Material: Bamboo
    • Color: Bamboo color
    • Quantity: 1pcs
    • Light source: E27 screw
    • Bulb Included: Yes
    • Light Color: Warm White
    • Space: 8-12m2
    • Diameter: 300mm
    • Base: 100mm
    • Line length: 1000mm
    • Size: 35CM/45CM/55CM/65CM



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    Muto Natural Hat Rattan Bamboo Pendant Light, wood

    Sale price£139.99 GBP
    Body Color: model A35CM