O'Moore Elegant Feather Pendant Light, Black/White, Bedroom/Living Room

Sale price£159.99 GBP

Body Color: Black
size: 50CM
Emitting Color: Cold White
  • 1.Made with a feather shade that exudes sophistication, this light adds a touch of luxury to any space. The metal chain/cord ensures stability while the E26 lamp holder guarantees environmentally friendly and safe illumination.
  • 2.Available in classic black and pristine white, our feather pendant light offers a versatile choice to suit your decor preferences. Its user-friendly design ensures easy installation, allowing you to effortlessly place it in any desired location.
  • 3.The unique curved oval shape of the feather lampshade adds an artistic touch to your surroundings. Emitting a soft and warm light, it creates an inviting and tranquil ambiance, making your nights exciting yet peaceful. The mesmerizing elegance of the lampshade itself is a sight to behold, even when the light is not in use.
  • 4.Enhance various areas of your home with this exquisite pendant light. Perfect for hallways, aisles, porches, bedrooms, and dining rooms, it effortlessly complements a range of spaces. The maintenance is hassle-free; a simple solution for dust on the feathers is a gentle blow with a hairdryer, restoring its pristine charm.
  • 5.Elevate your interior with a blend of sophistication and comfort. Our feather pendant light is more than just an illumination source; it's a statement piece that captures attention and infuses your living spaces with a captivating glow. Illuminate your surroundings with the enchanting allure of our feather pendant light and relish in its charm day and night.


  • High-quality white feather shade, built-in E27 lamp holder, very steady environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Plug-in pendant light, very easy installation and convenient for you to place in any place you want.
  • Feather lampshade, soft and warm light giving off and give you excited and peaceful night, it has a beautiful mesmerizing elegance, even when not illuminated.
  • Perfect For Hallway, Aisle, Porch, Bedroom, Dinning room, etc. 4. when there is dust on the feathers, it can be easily cleaned with a hairdryer.


  • Category: Pendant Lights
  • Style: Contemporary/Modern
  • Material: Feather, Metal Chain/cord
  • Adjustable Or Not: Adjustable
  • Type of Bulb: E27 (Including Light Bulb)
  • Bulb Type: LED/Incandescent/Fluorescent
  • Voltage: 110v-220v
  • Product Dimensions: 50 * 40 cm / 19.6 * 15.9 inch
  • Package Included: 1 x Feather Ceiling Lamp Shade 1 x E27 Blub

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O'Moore Elegant Feather Pendant Light, Black/White, Bedroom/Living Room

Sale price£159.99 GBP
Body Color: Black
size: 50CM
Emitting Color: Cold White

Customer Reviews

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The metal and feathures utilized are very real-looking.


The delivery happened extremely quickly.


Appreciate the way these pendant lights make my bedroom seem.


My coworkers raved over my lights when they visited me, saying how warm they made the space feel.


In my living area, the golden pendant I purchased looks wonderful.