Mina Herringbone Texture Semi Sheer Curtains Pleated

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Sunshine with a whisper: sheer curtains that sprinkle light and guard your privacy with a playful touch.

High Quality, Detail-Oriented

  • Translucent Material: Sheer curtains are made from semi-transparent fabric that allows sunlight to penetrate while providing a level of privacy.
  • Scratch-Resistant: Designed to be durable, the fabric resists scratches and wear, maintaining its delicate appearance over time.
  • Versatile Styling: Sheer curtains can be used alone for a minimalist look or layered with heavier drapes for added style and functionality.
  • Decorative Appeal: Available in various patterns and colors, sheer curtains can complement any interior design, adding elegance and softness to the decor.

Translucent Material


Versatile Styling

Decorative Appeal

Infinite Designs

Craft Your Space

Dive into our vast collection of curtain patterns, tailored to enhance any decor style.

From subtle florals to bold geometrics, each design promises to transform your home into a personalized haven.

Embrace the freedom to mix, match, and express your aesthetic, ensuring your windows are as uniquely dressed as your space.

How to Choose Curtains

Choose Your Charm

Choose Hanging Header

Measuring Dimensions

Choose Hanging Header

Measuring Dimensions

Curtain Width

For Drapery Pleated Curtain

Rod Installed:Curtain Width = A / Number of panel

Without Rod:Curtain Width = (B+a+b) / Number of panel

Curtain Length

  • A: 1 inch above floor: Keeps it clean and tidy, avoids wear and tear, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • B: Break on floor: Slightly touching the floor adds elegance and balances formality with informality, suitable for living rooms or bedrooms.
  • C: Slight puddle on floor: Slight sinking brings a sense of romance and luxury, suitable for formal occasions and classic style decor.

    Length of per panel = The curtain rod hook's eyelet ring to where you want the curtain to finish


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